Albumoverzicht 2024

Om je jou te helpen up-to-date te blijven van alle EP’s en albums die elke maand worden uitgebracht, hebben wij een jaarlijks albumoverzicht. Je vindt er de nieuwste releases van poppunk tot deathmetal. Elke maand worden er een hoop nieuwe albums en EP’s uitgebracht. Daarnaast beluister je direct de nieuwste releases van je favoriete bands en lees je onze uitgebreide reviews.

EP en albumreleases in 2024

Het albumoverzicht van 2024 blijven we gedurende het jaar updaten. Houd onze website, Facebook, Mastodon, Instagram en Twitter dus goed in de gaten of sla deze pagina op bij je favorieten om niets te missen!

Albumoverzicht 2022 | 2023

Albumreleases maart 2024

Big Big TrainThe Likes of Us” (Inside Out Music) – Luister op Spotify
Blind Channel Exit Emotions” (Century Media Records) – Luister op Spotify
Mannequin PussyI Got Heaven” (Epitaph Records) – Luister op Spotify
New Years DayHalf Black Heart” (The Century Family, Inc.) – Luister op Spotify // review 7/10

Donna BlueInto the Realm of Love” (Snowstar Records)
Ghost Work Light A Candle for the Lonely” (Spartan Records)
Judas Priest Invincible Shield” (Sony Music)
The Libertines All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade” (Casablanca Records)
NOAHFINNCE Growing Up ON the Internet” (Hopeless Records)
Sienna SkiesOnly Change Is Permanent” (Passion Eight Records)
Sonata Arctica Clear Cold Beyond” (Atomic Fire Records)
Real Farmer Compare What’s There” (Strap Originals)

Comeback KidTrouble” (SharpTone Records)
DragonForceWarp Speed Warriors” (Napalm Records)
SpokenReflection” (XOVR)
While She SleepsSELF HELL” (Eigen beheer)
Whom Gods Destroy Insanium” (Inside Out Music)

AlestormVoyage of the Dead Marauder” (Napalm Records)
GHØSTKID Hollywood Suicide” (Century Media Records)
GossipReal Power” (Sony Music)

Chastity BeltLive Laugh Love” (Suicide Squeeze Records)
Sum 41HEAVEN :X: HELL” (Rise Records)

Albumreleases april 2024

Bob VylanHumble As the Sun” (Ghost Theatre)
Five Finger Death Punch Afterlife Deluxe Edition” (Better Noise Music)
Iron MonkeySpleen & Goad” (Relapse Records)
Vampire WeekendOnly God Was Above Us” (Sony Music)

girl in redI’m Doing It Again Baby!” (Columbia Records)
RIOT VMean Streets” (Atomic Fire Records)

Cloud NothingsFinal Summer” (Pure Noise Records)
DOOLThe Shape of Fluidity” (Prophecy Productions)
Jetlag JennyAnimal Escapades” (White Russian Records)
TrickleboltHoney From The Sky” (Eigen beheer)

OU蘇醒 II: Frailty” (Inside Out Music)

Albumreleases mei 2024

Frank Turner Undefeated” (Xtra Mile Recordings)
Keith WallenInfinity Now” (Rise Records)
P.O.D. Veritas” (Mascot Records)

KeaneHopes and Fears 20” (Island Records)
Kings of LeonCan We Please Have Fun” (Capitol Records)
Knocked Loose You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To” (Pure Noise Records)

Twenty One PilotsClancy” (Fueled By Ramen)

CAPSTAN The Mosaic” (Fearless Records)

WITHERFALLSounds Of The Forgotten” (DeathWave Records)

Albumreleases juni 2024

Royal RepublicLoveCop” (Odyssey Music Network)

Albumreleases juli 2024

Amongst Liars Design” (Eigen beheer)

Albumreleases januari 2024

Asking AlexandriaDark Void” (Better Noise Music) – Luister op Spotify
CaseyHow To Disappear” (Hassle Records) – Luister op Spotify
Project 86OMNI, Pt. 2” (Eigen beheer) – Luister op Spotify

Dead Eyed CreekOut Of Phase” (Blood Blast Distribution) – Luister op Spotify
NEMOPHILAEVOLVE” (Masterworks Publishers Inc.) – Luister op Spotify

Dan FlashesDan Flashes EP” (Lucky Moon Recording Group) – Luister op Spotify // review 9/10
Green DaySaviors” (Reprise Records) – Luister op Spotify //. review 7,5/10
Neck DeepNeck Deep” (Hopeless Records) – Luister op Spotify // review 8/10
SaxonHell, Fire and Damnation” (Silver Lining Music) – Luister op Spotify
TensideCome Alive Dying” (Ivorytower Records) – Luister op Spotify

Charlotte SandsCan We Start Over?” (CS Records) – Luister op Spotify

Alkaline TrioBlood, Hair, and Eyeballs” (Rise Records) – Luister op Spotify // review 6,5/10
Any Given DayLimitless” (Arising Empire) – Luister op Spotify
Dead Poet SocietyFISSION” (Spinefarm Records) – Luister op Spotify
Dream StateStill Dreaming” (Eigen beheer) – Luister op Spotify // review 7/10
Ringo Starrbucks Dog’s Breakfast” (Cosmic Latte Records) – Luister op Spotify // review 7,5/10

Albumreleases februari 2024

NištaNišta” (Eigen beheer) – Luister op Spotify // review 9/10

Banks ArcadeDEATH 2” (UNFD) – Luister op Spotify
Being As An OceanDeath Can Wait” (Out Of Line Music) – Luister op Spotify // review 7/10
Enterprise EarthDeath: An Anthology” (Good Fight Music) – Luister op Spotify
LEVELSPULSE” (SharpTone Records) – Luister op Spotify
SlopeFreak Dreams” (Century Media Records) – Luister op Spotify

Libravel REBELLION” (Bloom Records) – Luister op Spotify

NormandieDopamine” (Easy Life Records) – Luister op Spotify
tAKiDAThe Agony Flame” (Napalm Records) – Luister op Spotify

IdlesTangk” (Partisan Records) – Luister op Spotify // review 8,5/10
IhsahnIhsahn” (Spinefarm Records) – Luister op Spotify
ILLUMISHADEAnother Side Of You” (Napalm Records) – Luister op Spotify // review 9/10
Laura Jane GraceHole in My Head” (Polyvinyl Record Co.) – Luister op Spotify
Steve HackettThe Circus and the Nightwhale” (Inside Out Music) – Luister op Spotify
MAEV Life” (Eigen beheer)Luister op Spotify
Profiler A Digital Nowhere” (SharpTone Records) – Luister op Spotify

Blackout ProblemsRIOT” (Hansa Records / Sony Music Entertainment) – Luister op Spotify
Darkest HourPerpetual | Terminal” (MNRK Music Group) – Luister op Spotify
Job for a Cowboy Moon Healer” (Metal Blade Records) – Luister op Spotify
ShorelineTo Figure Out” (Pure Noise Records) – Luister op Spotify

Staplers Burn This” (Eigen beheer) – Luister op Spotify